Happy Birthday, Cait!

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Today is Caitriona’s birthday and on behalf of the site we would like to wish her a very happy birthday, hoping she spend it with her loved ones. We love you!

See Jamie comfort Claire in this deleted scene from Outlander

Season 2 of Outlander won’t premiere on Starz until 2016, and Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ that’s a long wait. But never fear: the DVD/Blu-ray for the latter half of season 1 officially arrives next week, and EW has your exclusive first look at one of the deleted scenes featured on the upcoming release.

Outlander: Season One — Volume Two will be released via Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday.

SFX November Scans

The November issue of SFX has a page reviewing the recently released Outlander blu-ray. It’s quite funny they explaining why would Outlander to be reviewed on their pages (SFX is a sci-fi related publication), and mentioned the time travel bit, but also how brilliant the story is.

Balfe is superb as Claire, who is smart but blindly stubborn, which causes as many problems as it solves. Heughan, meanwhile, couldn’t be better suited to the role of Jamie – sweet, sincere and fiercely dedicated to the woman he loves. The methodical pacing of their slow-burn relationship won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but you won’t find a better couple on TV.

Check the digital scan added in our gallery.

Radio Times Scans

As you may know, Sam Heughan was the big winner of Radio Times TV poll, after over 120 million votes. They published this week a cover story featuring Sam, and I added the Outlander bit in our gallery.

Additional Outlander Season 1 Promotional Photoshoots Added

Updated the gallery adding some new outtakes from the Outlander Season 1 promotional photoshoot! Enjoy 🙂

Outlander Season 2 Press Day in Scotland

Several photos from the Outlander Season 2 Press Day held in Glasgow (Scotland) back on August 22nd have now been added to the gallery! Caitriona looked splendid as always. Thanks to Far Far Away for the HQs!

Caitriona for Lumete Eyewear

In a great find by our friends from Caitriona Balfe Italian Fans, we updated the gallery with the campaign Cait did to Lumete Eyewear, dated from 2014. The photoshoot is completely breathtaking, as you can see below:

Gallery Update: Sorted Public Appearances

Our gallery was updated with several new pictures form events between 2013-2015. Some are pretty new to our site, including the ones from Outlander Fan Event and the Comic-Con panel last year. Enjoy and make sure to credit us when reposting.

Season 1: Official Social Media Pictures

I updated our gallery with over 60 pictures shared by Outlander’s Official Instagram. All pictures are great behind-the-scenes shots from season 01.

Additional Comic-Con Panel Photos

A few new photos of Cait at Comic-Con panel has been added. Check it:

Thanks Outlander Online for the heads up!

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