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EMMY’s: Some Secrets From TV’s Top Actresses

Written by admin on June 12 2015

THR asked: When were you the most panicked as an actress this season and how did you overcome those fears?


Caitriona Balfe
Outlander (Starz)

“The episode where I was forced to sing was absolutely terrifying. I am not a singer. When the writers told me they were going to do this, I laughed. They were like, ‘No, really.’ I have a terrible habit of humming to myself when we’re hanging around set, so they were like, ‘You can do this.’ The day after we flew back from Comic-Con last year, I was going to have to start filming that stuff, and I remember thinking, ‘I haven’t even had a chance to rehearse!’ In drama school, I had a music teacher tell me once, ‘It’s OK, everyone has their own talents.’ And that put such a fear in me of ever singing again in public. But on the day, I just had to say, ‘F— it.’ I had to do it over and over again, and I think everyone on the crew just wanted to shoot themselves. I was delighted when I was done with that.”

3 Comments to "EMMY’s: Some Secrets From TV’s Top Actresses"

  1. Sandi says:

    Caitriona – that episode was one of the most enjoyable and you were so good in it! All your fears were for nothing because you did such a great job, but I can see where you were coming from, I couldn’t have done it!! Love you in Outlander so much. Thank you for all the great acting this last season. Hope to see many more!

  2. Peg Lyons says:

    I really liked the scenes when you sang and Murtagh danced. So singing and dancing were talents neither of you had, so what. They had a purpose which was to signal to Jamie that you were close. Too bad the exotically handsome gypsy had to ruin it. As far as what was said to you in drama school, that “everybody has their own talents,” after mass one Sunday, many years ago, the priest stopped us and mumbled into my husband’s ear that in future, it would be okay if he just moved his lips! So, no worries. He was a great trumpet player!

  3. Marcia Love Hiett says:

    I am/was a singer and I thought you did a great job selling and singing the song….I also loved the costume and your fun side….never apologize for good work…once when I got a bit cocky and critisized another singer my instructor said…”wouldn’t the woods be quiet if God only let the song birds sing.” This old lady thinks your great!

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